Fung Lab People

Jennifer Fung  PI.  Associate Professor, Department of Ob/Gyn and Center for Reproductive Science, UCSF.  [email protected]

Current Lab Members

Ashwini Oke.  Specialist

Mike Pollard.  Specialist

Tangna Zhuge.  Assistant Specialist


Fung Lab Alumni

Carol Anderson (Specialist)  - Current position:  Assistant Professor, Indiana University

Stacy Chen (Ph.D. student) - Current position:  Assistant Professor & Dean of Curriculum, Dharma Realm Buddhist University

Ben Kalafut (postdoc) - Current position:  Research Programmer, Thermo Fisher

Phoebe Yam (assistant specialist) - Current position:  Ph.D. Candidate, UC Davis

Jay Sandler (staff research associate) - Current position:  Associate Product Manager, Thermo Fisher

Afsaneh Zolfaghari (staff research associate) - Current position:  Independent Health, Welfare, and Fitness Professional


The Fung Lab is part of the Center for Cellular Construction